Абонементы ЛЕ Абонементы ЛЕ Абонемент Групповой этап ЛЕ КУПИТЬ

This season, Zenit is only offering its fans “All Inclusive” season tickets, which gives fans the right to attend all Zenit home matches at Petrovsky Stadium played as part of the following tournaments:

  • Rosgosstrah Russian Premier League 2016/17;
  • Russian Cup 2016/17;
  • International matches in tournaments organized by UEFA;
  • Zenit youth team matches;
  • Zenit-2 matches.

The specific number of home games available to season ticket holders is determined in accordance with the competition rules, as well as the organizer’s decisions.

Buyers of season tickets to seats that are part of the UEFA ticket quota, to which FC Zenit dos not have the right to sell to season ticket holders for international matches, will be offered backup "pair" seats in a sector of the same category or one category lower with the possibility of retaining one’s seat in the event that UEFA representatives fail to claim the seat.

Traditionally, the club provides the opportunity to pay for season tickets in phases of two equal parts, corresponding to the first and second half of the Russian season. Season tickets to the first half of the season are valid through the last match of the first half of the SOGAZ Russian Premier League, and season tickets for the second half are valid starting from the next home game as part of any tournament.

You can check information on match kick-off times, ticket prices, sales periods, and sales points by calling: +7 (812) 244-33-33

You can ask questions concerning purchases by E-mail to our Online Support Service:
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