The GPB (OAO) and ZAO «FC «Zenit»» partnership card
Gazprombank (an open joint stock company) (hereafter referred to as Gazprombank) together with the  closed joint stock company, «the football club  «Zenit»»   (hereafter referred to as football club «Zenit») presents you with the possibility to open an international banking account on the Gazprombank FC Zenit Mastercard*.  

With the help of the Gazprombank FC «Zenit»  MasterCard you can not only pay for goods and services as well as having financial resources from any point of the world, but you can also take part in helping to support youth sports in St. Petersburg.
As part of our philanthropy program, in which you can take part, you will receive the card Gazprombank FC «Zenit»  MasterCard, that includes the philanthropic fund "Social responsibility", which is used to help the Children's academy of FC Zenit**. An academy that helps to train young football players.
Moreover, users of this card can participate in FC Zenit's rewards program. As part of this program, holders of the card Gazprombank — FC Zenit Mastercard can receive discounts when they pay for goods or services with the card or when they present the card to companies and services who participate in the Zenit discount system, as well as during the purchase of tickets to FC Zenit's home matches when they use their card at the kiosks in Stadium Petrovsky. When you use the card for the purchase of goods and services, you will be eligible to take part in special invite only events for the holders of the Gazprombank and FC Zenit card.
You can find out more about the services and conditions of The Football Club Zenit here (
Gazprombank offers you three variations of the «Gazprombank — FC Zenit» card: Unembossed/Standard/Gold.
The «Gazprombank — FC Zenit» MasterCard can be used as your primary or as a supplementary card to your previously opened account at Gazprombank (for example a company card). The card may be active for one or two years.
Open the card of future victories! Support the development of youth football and become a «Gazprombank — FC Zenit» Mastercard cardholder!
You can familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions for the «Gazprom bank FC Zenit» Mastercard on the Gazprombank website, or you can reach additional offices and branches of Gazprombank by phone:
For St. Petersburg +7 (912) 380-39-85;
For Moscow +7 (495) 980-41-41, +7 (495) 913-79-99, 8-100-00-89 (calls are toll free in Russia).   
*   This information is not an official offer.
**  An autonomous non-commercial organization for the supplementary education of children through the «Youth and children's academy for FC Zenit».  

FC Zenit benefits program  for the holders of the «Gazprombank — FC Zenit» MasterCard unembossed / MasterCard Standard / MasterCard Standard /MasterCard Gold

Active from 21.04.2012
1.1. Bank — Gazprombank (OAO (Open joint stock company))
1.2. Football Club Zenit — ZAO (Closed stock company)
1.3. The card «Gazprombank — FC Zenit MasterCard Unembossed» / MasterCard Standard / MasterCard Gold (hereafter referred to as — the Card) — is an international banking card that allows its holders to:
— become a participant in the FC Zenit benefits program;
— to materialize operations in accordance with the Terms of Use of the international banking cards GPD (OAO)
1.4. The benefits program of FC Zenit (hereafter the Program) — is an actual document that contains the services of the Program, according to which users of the Card become participants in the Program and receive the ability to use the packet of services stated and provided for within the Program.
1.5. The identification of the Zenit Discount System is the logotype of the Zenit Discount System which is located on the reverse side of the Zenit Discount card and certifies the size of the discount / deduction to the cardholders.    
2.1. Cardholders are eligible to receive discounts upon the purchase of goods and services from those sellers and businesses participating in the FC Zenit discount system when they use their card to make the purchase or present it during the purchase.
2.1.1. The size of the discount warranted by the Card MasterCard Unembossed / MasterCard Standard in these stores and sellers who participate in Zenit's discount system, excepting the official stores of FC Zenit, coordinates with the size of the discount which is in accordance with the dark blue identifying mark of the Zenit Discount System; the size of the discount for the MasterCard Gold coordinates to the size of the discount which is indicated by the gold identifying mark of the Zenit Discount System.
The size of the discount offered in the official stores of the football club Zenit is the following: MasterCard Unembossed / MasterCard Standard — 5%, MasterCard Gold — 15%.
2.1.2. Discounts offered upon the use of The Card or upon presenting it, cannot be combined with discounts offered by other discount cards. Discounts are not active during sales or special promotions.

2.1.3. Information about businesses and sales outlets participating in the Zenit Discount System through offering sales and other privileges can be found on the website The catalogue of sales outlets and businesses participating in the Zenit Discount System are subject to change.
2.1.4. The bank and the Football Club Zenit do not carry responsibility for the quality of goods and services offered by the sales outlets and businesses who participate in the Zenit Discount Sytem.
2.2. Holders of the card are eligible to receive discounts upon purchasing tickets to the Zenit Football Club's matches when they use The Card at the kiosks located in the Petrovsky sporting complex in St. Petersburg.
2.2.1. MasterCard Unembossed / MasterCard Standard — 5% discount for one ticket to the match; MasterCard Gold holders have a 10% to one ticket to the match.  
2.2.2. The discount is offered to holders of the Card for one ticket to each match of the Football Club Zenit.
2.3. Incentives for holders of The Card.

2.3.1. Events will take place no less than once a year in accordance with the service terms for the fulfillment of the promotional events.

2.3.2. Notifications for the holders of The Card about the occurrence of the promotional events are carried out by the bank and the Football Club Zenit on the websites and 10 days prior to the beginning of the event.
3.1. The Football Club Zenit reserves the right to change and supplement The Program.
3.2. Notifications to the holders of the card about any changes to The Card is carried out in the following ways:  the following  occur in the following arrangements:
— In branches of the bank through textual announcements of the dates of the events and any changes made to the schedule.
— On the websites and in the form of textual announcements of the dates of the events and any changes made to the schedule.

Messages and announcements in banks and on the websites will occur 30 calendar days prior to the date of the event or regards to the coordinating changes.
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