This card for holders of an FC «Zenit» brings together both a season pass for «Zenit's» home matches at «Petrovsky» as well as the discount card Premium. The size of the discount for the Premium is the same as the discount cards with a gold identifier. 2014/2015 season cardholders have the following privileges:     • Access to the first release of the quota of tickets for FC «Zenit» away matches.
    •  Special prices for extending the pass for the next year.
    • 15% discount towards purchases in our official «Zenit» stores, as well as our online store upon presenting your season pass card.
    •    The maximum allowable discount with our partners in the discount system.
    •    Free entry to our youth team and «Zenit-2» matches.
    •    A certificate for a 30% discount towards the purchase of a 2014/2015 playing jersey.
    •    50% discount towards season passes and individual tickets for the 2014/2015 «Zenit» basketball season.  
    •    Privileges accorded to holders of «VIP1» and «VIP2» season passes:
    ◦    The right to attend the restaurant «Yunost» and the bistro «Futburger»;
    ◦    Free match programs   
    ◦    The right to enter «Petrovsky» through the VIP entrance.
    •    Privileges of «Family» and «Children's» season pass holders:
    ◦    The right to frequent the children's cafe «Zenit-Fan»
    ◦    The right to enter «Petrovsky» through the VIP entrance.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of use for «Zenit's»  discount card here.
The date of expiration for the pass is equal to the date of the expiration for the season pass and is indicated on the reverse side of the card.
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