Football from A to Z

How did football start? Why are there 11 players in a team? What tactics were originally used in the beautiful game, how did positions change over time, what do you need to know in order to be regarded as a football expert amongst your friends? How did the game develop in this country, and what impact did world events have on football? You will learn about all of this and more during the 90 minutes tour from Alexey Petrov, founder of Gazprom Arena’s football museum
Guided tour
Specially designed guided tour
Rare exhibits
Unseen and unusual items from the stadium’s archives
Groups of up to 25 people
A smaller group gives you more opportnity to speak to your guide ask questions and learn even more
90 minutes
The tour takes 90 minutes.
Adult tickets - 1500 rubles
Adult tickets price
Discounted tickets - 750 rubles
Children aged 4-14, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region students, OAPs, disabled persons and large family members
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