Football Club Zenit
Tickets and membership
Only those who have active season passes and tickets, acquired in the club's client office, ticket stands or other ticket centers for the club, or those who have the printed version of an electronic ticket clearly showing both the sector and the seat, are allowed entry. These conditions also apply to those who purchased tickets through the club's agency, «». Children up to the age of 12 are allowed entry only with adult supervision. Children who are under the age of 7 are allowed free entry to the stadium provided that they do not occupy a separate seat.

Entry to the stadium is granted  once a season pass, a printout of the electronic ticket or of the ticket itself has been scanned. Entry is granted to the holder of the season pass, ticket or printout under the following circumstances: the bar code is properly read by the scanning device and it then displays «Entry allowed».
Season pass and ticket holders are required to present their season pass, ticket, or printed ticket upon any request from the organizers or the stadium security. Patrons should hold on to their tickets until the end of the event. Reentry into the event is not allowed. Patrons are allowed entry up to two hours prior to the beginning of the match.
Dear fans! Look after your tickets so that they aren't duplicated! In the event that an electronic ticket has been duplicated, entry is only permitted to the first scanned ticket. If the scanning system displays the message «Repeat entry», you will not be allowed entry to the stadium.

Holders of a season pass, ticket or an electronic ticket should familiarize themselves with the rules of behavior for spectators and the codes of conduct for their safety at the stadium during the times of matches under the rubric of the Russian Football Union and as specified by the executive committee of the RFN from September 7th, 2011 (the text for this document is available both at the stadium as well as the websites and as they are an inalienable part of the season pass, ticket, electronic or printed. Failure to adhere to these rules and the code of conduct therein may result in the cancelation of their ticket or pass without compensation for their costs.  

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