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«Gazprom Arena»  boxes are private VIP-zones with an entrance to their own balcony and personal service. The boxes are situated between the first and the second storeys of the Stadium and, depending on the interior, are divided into two categories – the «Zenit» boxes and the «Standard» boxes. The service in the boxes differs according to the Hospitality packages: «Comfort», «Premium» and «Exclusive».

You can rent a box for a match, a season or for several years ahead.
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Match Suggestions
Zenit — Spartak
FONBET Russian Cup
сб., 19 ноября 2022,
Gazprom Arena
  • Use the box for meetings on the days when no matches are held
  • Invite clients to Your corporate VIP-box
  • Build relationships with Your business partners
  • Highlight the corporate image and status of Your company
  • Boost the motivation of Your staff
  • Integrate sports into the corporate culture of Your company
Select supporters are united by the love for sophisticated food. This is why «Shalyapin» and «Buddha-Bar» are, probably, the best solutions for the premium gastronomic format of the boxes. You can select several options of the football catering – from light snacks to a full 5-course menu, a bar card included. During the days of the EuroCup You can discover the national cuisine of the countries of the rival teams.
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