The Arena of Emotions video tour

Try the interactive tour of the legendary stadium with an experienced guide. They will introduce the participants to the basics of video editing, teach you how to shoot memorable videos at the most interesting locations of the Gazprom Arena, and also entertain you with interesting facts about the stadium. At the end of the tour, all guests receive a unique video taken while walking around the stadium, which they can post on their on their own social media and collect those sought-after likes
Arena of Emotions
Shoot a video around the stadium and post it on social media!
Video editing
Exclusive video templates that guests will learn how to use during the stadium tour.
Happy experience
What could be better than a group of creative friends aged 12-16?!
Charged phone
You'll need to have a charged phone with you for video editing.
Telegram and CapCut
Install Telegram and CapCut on your phone, and free up enough memory to record short videos.
Tickets price - 1000 rubles
The tour is for ages 12-16.
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