"Pass to a teammate": The club’s service for the transfer of tickets

Have you bought tickets for your whole family or company, but now you would like your family members, friends or colleagues to be able to manage the ticket themselves? To have access via their own phone? Now we’ve solved the problem!

The "Pass to a teammate" service allows you to pass control of tickets to another user via the club’s online service, linking your family, friends or colleagues to the account.

It is very simple to use the service, all you have to do is each register on the club’s online service at tickets.fc-zenit.ru.

In your personal account section at https://tickets.fc-zenit.ru/elk/, next to the purchased ticket, you will see the "Transfer" button.

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After clicking it, a pop-up will appear with a unique link for transferring

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Copy the link and send it to the person who is going to the Gazprom Arena any way you like, via messenger, SMS or social networks.

The ticket transfer will be available once that person has confirmed its receipt.

When the receiver clicks on the link, we will ask them to log in or register on tickets.fc-zenit.ru.

Once that’s all done, they will receive a message confirming the transfer of the ticket and just need to click on the "Get ticket" button.

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After the user clicks this button, this ticket will be displayed in their personal account and will become unavailable for you.

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Please note that after the transfer, the ticket is assigned to the new account!

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